About Fawares Mall

Area of ​​the complex almost 30,000 m 2 and consists of two floors (ground floor - first round)
Ground floor: is the main commercial part in the mall and contains 150 commercial gallery exhibitions of well-known brands of the best known
(City Max - Supermarket (Othaim) - Splash and Babyshop - Shaw Express - Bossini - to يندكس - Julie - Flowers countryside - corner Swiss - Arabian Oud - elite lute - armor - lamp - Giordano - Swatch - Shaya - CARDIAL - BOSS - Memnon - Opera - Fayez hours - Minister - treasure Island - Alesayi - intruder)
First round: and contains 40 commercial gallery exhibitions as well as a number of restaurants including:
(Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC - AVI - Chicken Corner - Vrinda Royal - New Kpalin) serve these restaurants lounge open up an area of ​​up to 1500 m 2 can accommodate more than 1200 people, with a number of cafes diverse in the other part of this role no gym (Totti Town) an area of ​​2,500 m 2, a lounge for children under the dome of PVC, up 20 m which is the best gym in the area and there are better games on a global level.
There is also the complex number 700 parking located each on the ground floor and the remainder in the first round