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Definition of the project site

Is located in the commercial center on King Abdul Aziz Road, the heart of the city of Hofuf, with an area of 27,000 m 2 and next to the only gold market in Al-Ahsa exceeding 250 stores, and its proximity to the finite (only 20 m), there is a project Fuwaris Mall. The Tsarist market, which is the oldest market in the east of the kingdom (since 1918) the diversity of its activities of Mashaleh, spices, textiles, gowns and perfume, 'Fear distinguishes of Fuwaris Mall also undoubtedly.

Definition of the project site

Project area 27,000 m 2, which includes the following: Ground floor: which is the main commercial part, which includes 150 shops, spaces between) 40 m 2 - 100 m 2 (with dedicated space ....